Weekend reflection # 52 The March of the Snails

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This week went by rather rapidly like usual. I still can not believe that it is may as well as I have two much more weeks to go up until I am in my third trimester. I will lastly have my long awaited ultrasound on may 20. Chris doesn’t want to discover out what the baby‘s gender is however I am torn. I agree it was much more fun not understanding however part of me wishes to know. I still believe that I am having one more girl, however it would be good to understand if I am appropriate or not.Nothing as well interesting has occurred this week. The snails chose to take over our garden as well as have eaten a great deal of my plants in the process. After replanting two times this week I lastly armed myself with a huge bag of snail as well as slug bait. One great thing about these slimy creatures is that you can anticipate when they are going to attack. They only show up if there is lots of water around. now that I understand their technique I believe I am winning the war on the snails. It has been raining for two days strait as well as I only saw two to life ones today.

Chris is working 32 hours a week now. Unemployment is still rising out right here in California as well as he is having a difficult time just discovering tasks to apply to. He needs something that will pay a bit more, provide him full time hours as well as benefits. There just isn’t extremely numerous tasks like that out here. For now we are just going to have to accept exactly how things are as well as hope that something will come up soon.

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Courtney is looking ahead to the end of the year field trip to our regional water park, sun Splash. however I don’t believe she is looking ahead to summertime vacation. She states that she likes school. Strange, huh? So we have her registered for a college composing course. She likes to write. I believe I may have a future blog writer in the family! Although she isn’t into journalism like I am yet.

Ciara had a quite typical week. nothing out of the regular has occurred with her. We are still having a difficult time trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. This has to modification when the infant is born. I am running out of ideas, though.

I am having a difficult time potty training Conan. He is so wise as well as my mother-in-law believes that it shouldn’t be as well challenging to get him trained. however it is. I don’t understand if it is since he is a young boy as well as I am not familiar with training young boys or if he is just as well stubborn as well as doesn’t like anything that I’ve tried. I promise I modification my technique keeping that young boy on a regular basis. perhaps that is where I am going wrong. this week I got him some training pants. You understand the kind that are thick fabric like fabric diapers. perhaps then he’ll have a much better comprehending of exactly how it feels when he is wet. I’ve believed about letting him run around naked with the potty chair sitting out. however if he is naked than Ciara will want to do the same. I can’t have two young children running around naked. I can’t let him do that in the back lawn yet either since it is expected to rain all week. Æsj! I feel like I am back house in Wisconsin.

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That is quite much exactly how my week went in a nutshell. If you are joining us for weekend reflection be sure to leave your link so we can discover you! I would like to discover out exactly how your week went.

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