Interesting Conversations w/ Parents, March 2017 (Pedcast)

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Welcome to one more edition of portable useful Pediatrics. I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board licensed pediatrician. people phone call me Doc Smo. My clients bring up such fascinating topics…so fascinating that a few years ago, I started sharing a few of them with my blog audience. I have to state that after 35 years of practicing pediatrics I have discovered as well as lived this Doc Smo pearl, “The finest physicians listen method much more than they talk.” keeping that in mind, I am going to show a few of the fascinating things my clients have told me recently. I believe you will see that by listening intently, I discover a great deal from my patients.   So let’s get into the next set of “Interesting Conversations” I’ve had just recently with my clients as well as their families, shall we?

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Conversation #1- An Antibiotic Substitute

Recently, I was doing a checkup of a young guy whose parents were from India. The last time I saw this young guy before the day of his checkup, he was suffering from a staph skin infection at several sites on his body. You know, the typical places, along underclothing friction areas, as well as under his arms. Bacteriologically filthy as well as moist places. The locations germs love. When I last saw him with a staph infection, I had provided his mom an antibiotic for him to take as well as some topical antibiotic ointment that inhibits skin bacteria from growing. You know, common western medicine stuff. I presumed that his mom had complied with my directions as well as therefore cleared his infection because the infection was now gone. I asked his mother, had she provided him the antibiotic to him as well as she stated surprisingly, “No”. She chose to try a typical treatment that is utilized in her house country of India. The treatment was an low-cost antiseptic, a type of yearn oil that is utilized to laundry the infection away.  Yes, the exact same yearn oil that we clean floors as well as furniture with. It is called Dettol as well as she states it is utilized for whatever in India. curing skin infections including those triggered by staph aureus, disinfecting cuts as well as abrasions, in addition to cleaning home surfaces such as floors as well as cabinets.  It even works on acne she told me!  It is available in a cream, a soap form, gels form, cleaning solutions, hand washes, wipes for disinfecting surfaces, as well as a plaster for putting on wounds. seems like all of us requirement to stock up on Dettol in situation civilization implodes as well as we requirement to fight the microbial world without contemporary antibiotics. perhaps Dettol might be a service to the antibiotic resistance dilemma that is so rapidly neutralizing effectiveness of our present antibiotics. After listening to her, I understand I’m going to get some Dettol!

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Conversation #2-Eating Placentas

Ok, this next topic truly took me by surprise. I have never had a mother tell me that she was consuming her baby‘s placenta before… up until recently. I’ve heard this method in the animal world, however I have never had a mom tell me she was doing this.  I assumption I just wasn’t paying close sufficient interest or asking the best questions.  As I began to checked out about this practice, I found that it is ending up being rather fashionable, particularly among the rich as well as famous. advocates of placenta eating insurance claim it is extremely great for a new mother’s energy as well as mood in addition to being nutritionally rich in numerous necessary nutrients as well as hormones. I couldn’t discover a great deal of info to validate the method however that doesn’t imply it isn’t useful. numerous promise it works miracles for new moms. You may be wondering exactly how the placentas are consumed. I understand I was curious. Well, the response to that concern is… anyway you can imagine. I believe the most typical method is to have the placenta dried as well as pulverized into capsules however direct usage of raw or cooked placenta is likewise an choice I understand. Beneficial?  Your assumption is as great as mine. In the 21st century, I believe if we can’t even all agree thatvaccines are effective; we are going to have a difficult time proving or disproving the benefits of eating placentas.  Let’s just relocation on, shall we.

Conversation #3-Cutting umbilical cords

You wouldn’t believe in the age of targeted immune therapies for cancers, genetic engineering for congenital metabolic disorders, bone marrow transplants, that the cutting of baby‘s umbilical cord would produce debate as well as be the focus of high tech medical research. however it really is. The subject came up just recently when a father told me that he as well as all of his father good friends cut their baby’s umbilical cord at birth. This has ended up being a right of passage for new Dad’s today. I’m old sufficient to keep in mind when Dad’s were nowhere to be discovered during the birthing of infants however slowly, during my pediatric career, they have crept into the shipment space as well as now, they are really assisting with deliveries. I don’t go to numerous deliveries anymore, however my patient’s tell me that Dad’s cutting cords has ended up being a ritual in today’s births, even in an operating space when the birth is by C-Section. Next, Dad’s will be repairing episiotomies as well as closing abdominal incisions after C-sections!

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While we are speaking about umbilical cords as well as placentas, let me remind my listeners about the whole debate about when to clamp this bit organ is in the news.  Recently, the American college of Obstetricians as well as Gynecologists, began advocating a delayed cord clamping, enabling many of the blood contained in the placenta to transfuse into the newborn before the cord is cut. While this method does make newborn jaundice much more likely to establish in the infant, the benefits of all this blood including stem cells may outweigh the enhanced danger of jaundice. professionals now suggest that a delay of 30-60 seconds elapse before Dad or whoever cuts the cord.

Conversation #4- personal restroom hygiene in India

My final fascinating conversation occurred while speaking about the health and wellness of a young woman whose parents were originally from India. just before their many recent see to India, I had diagnosed their child with a relatively unusual inflammatory condition of her labia phone call lichen sclerosis. I had referred her to a dermatologist for treatment of the lichen sclerosis as well as at this follow-up visit.  I was asking her mom had they taken her to dermatologist because I had not got a note about this visit?  She stated “No”, that she had not taken her as well as that she had chose instead, to utilize the “Indian technique of personal hygiene” to see if this would remove this condition. She explained to me that in India, toilet paper is not utilized after pottying, as well as that they instead, poured water over their bottoms with a bit cup to get clean. This child‘s mother swears that by utilizing this technique of cleaning instead of toilet paper, she had cleared her bottom of lichen sclerosis. Well, perhaps she did…who am I to say.  Anyway, I discovered about personal hygiene in India as well as perhaps a new treatment for lichen sclerosis.  Maybe in this young girl, lichen sclerosis was a reaction to something in toilet paper? complete stranger things have been understood to happen.

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Dettol antiseptic helpful for everything

Mom’s eating Placentas

Clamping of the umbilical cord

Bathroom hygiene in India

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