High Fructose Corn Syrup controversy

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High fructose corn syrup has been in the news for a long time. Nutrition professionals believe that it can lead to weight gain as well as techniques your body into wanting to eat more. Some people believe that it is likewise a toxic chemical that just can’t be great for you.

So why is this chemical so bad? According to the Corn Refiners association HFCS is similar in structure to table sugar (sucrose). There have been a number of studies on HFCS that has linked it to obesity. In 2007, rats were fed a diet plan high in fat as well as HFCS as well as kept sedentary for 16 weeks. The rats were not required to eat however might eat as much as they wanted. When observed researchers noticed that the rats were consuming big amounts of food. This led them to believe that the fructose was suppressing the feeling of being full. After four weeks the rats started to establish fatty liver illness as well as type 2 diabetes. These rats were then compared to rats that were on a fructose free diet. The rats that had been on the high fructose diet plan did not show any type of indications of unusual weight gain. But, when compared to the rats that had consumed a fructose-free diet, levels of leptin in the blood of rats fed a high-fructose diet plan suggested the advancement of leptin resistance. When the rats were changed to a high-fat diet, the leptin-resistant rats, those fed a high-fructose diet, gained more weight than those who had not established the resistance as well as had been fed a fructose-free diet. (Shapiro, Alexandra; Wei Mu, Carlos A Roncal, Kit-Yan Cheng, Richard J. Johnson, as well as Philip J. Scarpace (November 2008). “Fructose-Induced Leptin Resistance Exacerbates Weight gain in response to subsequent High Fat Feeding“. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol.)

More health and wellness concerns regarding HFCS

In February, Susan a NESTA licensed physical fitness Nutrition coach composed in her blog, Catapult physical fitness about the health and wellness issues connected with HFCS. She states,

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“I was listening to a podcast the other day that quickly demonized HFCS by referring to a research study that indicates that un-bound fructose triggers extremely elevated levels of reactive carbonyls – compounds that are generally elevated in the blood of people with diabetes.

Specifically, right here is what was stated during the podcast:

It is true that, in fact, high fructose corn syrup is far more sinister than routine sugar. They were doing a research study with diabetics as well as they were discovering a compound called carbonyl at extremely elevated levels in diabetics.

When high fructose corn syrup is produced there’s a reaction with fructose as well as glucose molecules where they ended up being unbound as well as they raise the level of carbonyls as well as this is obviously what’s going on with your soda.

With routine sugar, sucrose does not ended up being unbound. The method that it’s processed is totally different.”

HFCS is discovered in many snacks as well as drinks that we feed our children, including soda. As parents what can we do about this? We definitely want what is finest for our children. The very first thing that we should do is prevent products containing this chemical particularly soda.

Log Cabin brand syrup comprehends the importance of getting rid of this chemical from our diet. just recently they have revealed that they are the very first national syrup brand to eliminate HFCS from their product as well as replacing it with natural sugar.

“Heritage as well as history or important to us, as our brand has proved to be a household home custom since 1887” states Allison Meyer, partner brand manager of Pinnacle Foods. “That said, Log Cabin is the very first brand in a long time to bring innovation to the syrup classification by eliminating high fructose corn syrup.”The new Log Cabin syrup can be discovered on store shelved across the country in Log Cabin original flavor as well as Log Cabin Lite flavors. They likewise have Log Cabin Sugar free available.

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Try this delicious recipe made with new Log Cabin without any High Fructose Corn Syrup:

Apple Pecan Baked Pancake(serves 4)

Ingredients:1/2 c. Foretrukket pannekake mix2 ss. smør (smeltet) 1 c. Granny Smith Apple (skrellet så vel som skivet) 1/3 c. Pekannøtter (hakket) 3 c. Logghytte sirup1/2 ts. av bakken kanel

Varm ovnen til 350 grader. Forbered pannekakeblanding i henhold til bunte retninger; samt sett til side. Hell smeltet smør i en 9 ″ kakeplate. Plassering epleskiver i bunnen av kakeplaten; Dryss kanel så vel som pekannøtter samt duskregn sirup over epler; Hell røren forsiktig på toppen. Stek T 350 grader i 30-45 minutter eller opp til toppen kommer tilbake når de berøres. Løsne kanter i tillegg til å vende på serveringsplaten. Skjær i kiler samt server med varm lønnesirup så vel som eller ferskt eplesmør. serverer 4 til 6. Flott servert med pølsekoblinger.

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